About Renting

How to View a Pad

Contact us to arrange an accompanied viewing; to send an e-mail, click ‘contact us’ tab above.
or call us on 07757 810326

WE only have one property left for renting, Morris road for 5 people. Our proerties ar good value for money and well appointed, so they rent quickly

WE are viewing thisproperty now.
These are by appointment, usually between 11am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.
Get as many as possible of your group together for your first viewing.

If the Pad is for you

Appoint a secretary/coordinator, whom we will liaise with to get the process moving. They must send us their contact details and the names of all the tenants. The next step is to meet with our agents at their office, who will guide you through the rental process.  You must all act quickly. If there are any delays the house can be re- advertised. Remember if you have any questions about the pad, you can always contact us using the telephone number and e-mail on our web site.

Payments & Deposits

For your convenience and to help with your cash flow, our agent will spread the payments during the period between reserving the property and moving in.  Deposits are fully protected by ‘TDS’ Tenant Deposit Scheme which has Government authorization.  You will receive a deposit protection certificate from them to show that your deposit has been officially registered. It will also include general information about your protection.

The Need for a Guarantor

One guarantor is required to cover the rent for each tenant. You can only go ahead if our agent has these. It will typically be one of your parents, they have to sign a ‘Guarantee Form’, agreeing to pay your rent if you cannot. This process will be organized directly by our agent

The Letting Agreement

The letting agreement will be an assured short hold tenancy. You will sign the same letting agreement as all your housemates and are all joint tenants to that agreement. All tenants must be present to sign copies of the agreement. It is legally binding. You will receive one signed copy of the agreement for you to keep for your records.

Moving In and Inventories

Normally your pad is available from beginning of July each year until 28th of following June. Near to 1st July, you will be contacted about moving in and issuing keys. You will also be issued with an inventory, either written or a DVD. This is record of the house and needs to be checked by yourselves. It will be used at the end of your tenancy to ascertain any discrepancies or changes and to enable return of your deposits.


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